Favourite sites

Whether I’m cooking or sewing, there are a handful of sites I always refer back to for help or inspiration.


How to cook the perfect… – Felicity Cloake’s Guardian column takes a classic dish and tests all the recipes so you don’t have to. I love the way she talks about each aspect of the dish – it really makes you think about how it’s all put together and how the recipes can be adapted to suit your tastes.

BBC Good Food – I probably don’t even need to share this one. A fantastic collection of recipes that never fail to give me an answer when I have no idea what I want for dinner.


As an absolute beginner and self-taught sewist, the internet is my saviour when patterns seem confusing and my mum doesn’t pick up the phone.


Here are some of the sites I find most useful when faced with a sewing conundrum, or just in need of general advice:

Tilly and the Buttons – My sewing bible. Great tips and photography so you can clearly see what to do.

Jenny DIY – My old school friend Jenny who has been sewing for as long as I can remember and has an impressive home-made wardrobe.

Sew Over It – A London-based shop and workshop, whose website has great tutorial videos, covering everything from lining a skirt to pattern reviews.

Buying fabric

The Cloth House – My favourite favourite fabric shop in London, or anywhere for that matter! Sadly they no longer have an online store, but the website does show a glipse of the wonderful array of fabrics available in their Soho shop.

Fabrics Galore – My second favourite fabric shop, and dangerously close to my new flat.