Summer in the city

Summer has well and truly arrived in London this week, bringing with it topical humidity levels, uncomfortable commutes to work and an identity crisis over how much I should make the most of the weather, or hide away in an air conditioned space. I've mentioned (a few times) before that I struggle to find summer … Continue reading Summer in the city

Changing my spots

My latest make is a second version of the Lottie dress I made back in December. Aside from wanting a loose-fitting dress to wear out for drinks, I'm also trying to use patterns more than once, to improve my skills and to gain confidence in my ability. The fabric The grey and pink polka-dot viscosey-crepey fabric was … Continue reading Changing my spots

Striped trousers

These trousers have been a long time coming. Back in April(!) I decided to make some striped wide-leg trousers for spring/summer. Well, it's definitely now summer and I have finally finished them! Embarrassingly, the trousers were super easy to make, and took a grand total of 3 hours to make. It's amazing what you can achieve when … Continue reading Striped trousers