More Spring trousers

I think I'm the only person in the UK who is pleased that summer hasn't yet arrived. I've been working on a pair of navy trousers for the last few weeks and have been willing the weather to stay cold enough for me to get some wear out of them this side of summer! Thankfully, the good old British summer … Continue reading More Spring trousers


In the navy

I've mentioned before on this blog how much I love a spring trouser. Temperatures have to get pretty high before I bare my legs to the world, so for much of the year I live in smart, slightly cropped trousers. My last few makes have been relatively easy, so I've been planning to try something a … Continue reading In the navy

Reliable sauce

As a Londoner, it goes without saying that brunch is my favourite meal.  Lazy afternoons catching up with friends, eating great food and drinking prosecco-based cockails; it really doesn't get much better than that. I love the classic Eggs Benedict. It's simple and unadventurous, but the combination of flavours and the tangy hollandaise sauce always does the … Continue reading Reliable sauce

Grey days

I recently discovered that Simplicity offer a pattern of the week - discounted at half price! I snapped up pattern 8265 with the intention of mastering a basic tunic that I could create it over and over again. Here's how I got on. The pattern The pattern really was super easy, with just front, back, … Continue reading Grey days

Flat out

Welcome to the first food post on Needle and Bread! Seeing as it's part of the blog's name, I thought I should kick things off with a simple bread recipe. Inexplicably and inexcusably, I've never made bread so wanted to find something easy to avoid spending hours on something that had a high risk of being … Continue reading Flat out