Earning my stripes

Ok, I'll admit it. I can't get enough of stripes. I own at least 10 stripey tops or tunics (each entirely different and serving a totally different purpose, of course), and if I ever feel I need to treat myself or want a quick wardrobe update, I'll unfailingly head towards the stripes. If I'm in a … Continue reading Earning my stripes

Sewing plans

I know it's a cliche, but this summer really has flown by. September crept up on me, bringing with it a slight chill to otherwise sunny days, and it's now somehow the end of November. My plans to create endless floaty summer skirts were never quite realised, but I have managed to pick up some amazing … Continue reading Sewing plans

Wide load

It feels like Spring has finally arrived in London this week. Ignoring the occasional torrential downpour, the sun has shone, evenings have lasted ever so slightly longer, and temparatures have been mild enough for me to transition into what I like to call 'mac season'. I've also started to think about summer-appropriate sewing projects. I'm … Continue reading Wide load