Refining and refreshing

I've never really been one for making new year's resolutions – dramatic lifestyle changes aren't really my thing and if I want to achieve something, I'd rather get started on it right away than wait for January (or, erm, February) to roll around. That said, I have been reflecting on my cooking and sewing in … Continue reading Refining and refreshing

Wrapping things up

Summer 2018 was the summer of the wrap dress. Sure, there were some other notable events (I think there may have been a few football matches going on, and a maybe wedding?), but the main trend I noticed is that everyone seemed to be wearing a frilly patterned wrap dress, and I wanted in. I … Continue reading Wrapping things up


As a petite but curvy woman, finding a bra in the right size, that looks nice, and isn’t extortionately priced can be tough. I’m convinced that most women are wearing the wrong size as high street stores offer such a limited range, particularly when it comes to a smaller band. There has been some improvement … Continue reading Bra-vo