Who am I?

Hi! I’m Megan, a twenty-something editor living and working in London. My two passions in life are clothes and food; two fairly different creative endeavors that force me to consider the world around me and hopefully make steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and end up with a nice treat at the end!

Food has always played a huge role in my life, from learning to bake, aged 3 in my Nan’s kitchen, to learning to feed myself while away at university, to sampling local delicacies on various jaunts around the world. I love perfecting recipes using the best ingredients I can source, and finding new restaurants serving authentic and tasty food.


Breaking my Nan’s ‘never lick the spoon’ rule

Sewing is a more recent development. Three years ago I was given a sewing machine for Christmas and since then I’ve been slowly learning the art of dressmaking. Driven by a love of fashion and a desire for more ethically sourced clothing (not to mention a taste for clothes well beyond my budget),  I’m now trying to sew my own wardrobe and recreate the high-end and high-street pieces I love.

Needle and Bread will chronicle my adventures in both cooking and dressmaking, sharing everything from my inspirations through to the finished dish or garment.



Enjoying a delicious brunch while wearing my Cleo dungaree dress


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