Refining and refreshing

I’ve never really been one for making new year’s resolutions – dramatic lifestyle changes aren’t really my thing and if I want to achieve something, I’d rather get started on it right away than wait for January (or, erm, February) to roll around.

That said, I have been reflecting on my cooking and sewing in 2018. Oddly enough, I’ve realised I’ve had the same approach to both endeavours: mastering the basics, while experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my skills – an approach I definitely want to carry into 2019.

With food, I’ve been trying to master the cheap and healthy mid-week meal. Definitely still a work in progress, but will hopefully be helped by good old Jamie and his five ingredients (a very well-received Christmas present from my parents). I’m also working on the perfect chocolate chip cookie. At the other end of the spectrum I’ve been enjoying cooking for friends and family – I even managed to steal the Easter and Boxing day slots last year. My favourite and most impressive make from last year has to be Ottolenghi’s chocolate Guiness cakes with Bailey’s mascarpone and chocolate ganache (more detail on which to follow soon).

When it comes to sewing, at the end of last year I finally discovered just how quick and satisfying it is to sew with jersey, whizzing through a dress and some tops (4 Monroes and counting) in about a month. I’ve also made some more difficult garments – a couple of Martha dresses, a wrap dress and the Merchant and Mills Dress shirt. I’m looking forward to perfecting these patterns, trying out something new (some trousers are next up on my list) and throwing my new overlocker into the mix for an extra challenge.

Despite not liking resolutions, reflection has helped me to think about what comes next – and I’m looking forward to more creativity (and more blog posts) in the next few months.

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