Under wraps

One of my favourite RTW items that I’ve bought in the last fear years is a floral wrap skirt from Topshop. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not a huge fan of floral prints but I really like paring this skirt with a plain t shirt to dress it down slightly. I’ve been wanting to make my own for a while as the construction is so simple. Once I’d found the right fabric I wanted to get started right away.

The inspiration

I’ve also seen countless red patterned midi skirts on the high street this season, so was spurred on to create my own:

The fabric

I was desperate to find some red fabric for the midi Martha dress I made recently, but just couldn’t find anything. Once I’d finished, however, I discovered the website Remnant Kings, which had a lovely red viscose for just £4.99 per metre (though it seems to now only be available in black, for double the price!). Viscose is my new favourite fabric to work with – it has such a lovely texture and a nice drape, and is usually pretty cheap!

Other fabrics that would look nice include this peachskin crepe from Sew Over It, and this cotton from John Lewis., though it might not have as much drape.


The pattern

Despite being a relatively simple garment, I wanted to use a pattern to make as the thought of self drafting still scares me! I’m sure I could get the basic shape right, but I wanted more guidance on the fastenings and waistband etc. Although I didn’t necessarily need the extra teaching instructions, Simplicity 8133 seemed to be the perfect shape. The skirt is also fastened with a tie and a popper on the inside of the wrap, which was great for me as I still haven’t tackled a buttonhole yet.

The process

The skirt came together fairly easily (a relief for such a simple pattern). The only adjustment I made was to have slightly less overlap, so I cut the two front pieces at a slight angle. I made a midi-length version so wanted to have a slight slit and a bit more movement. I could have been more precise with this, and will probably adjust the pattern pieces before cutting the fabric next time. After much measuring and comparing with my old skirt, I still managed to make it a bit too small so have had to add a little stitch to avoid exposing myself!


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though it’s probably not my finest work due to making it in a bit of a pre-holiday rush. I know the pattern will come in use for future projects for the summer and nights out too. I also think it could easily be adapted, and am thinking of making a curved hem for the front piece, possibly with an added flounce. That said, it does the job and has already seen me though some pretty hot summer days here in London.


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