The yellow pages

Despite a real lull in the weather at the end of July, the last few days have felt like a final hurrah for Summer 2017. Which is lucky, because I’ve just made a bright yellow floaty dress for my friend’s wedding this weekend. Here’s how I got on.

The pattern

The pattern I used was Vogue 9237, which I used for my previous make. The instructions were pretty simple to follow – I mean they really should be for a dress this simple – and adding the gathered panel at the back this time was a piece of cake. My only criticism is that there is no mention of edging seams – I think it’s assumed you’ll finish raw edges before you sew everything up, but it’s not made clear. Thankfully I remembered this from the navy version I made a few months ago, and made sure to zig zag along all raw edges before I started.

The fabric

Despite searching for a citrus cotton poplin (and dithering over shades for a very long time), I ended up with a sunflower yellow viscose, as I felt the texture would work nicely on the gathered panel.

It’s lovely and soft and lightweight, and will be perfect to wear in the real summer heat, though sadly I’ll have to wait until next year for that.

As for sewing with it, it was fairly easy to handle. In fact I mainly struggled with the cutting out, and that may have had more to do with my small flat and the fact that I ended up cutting the pieces out on my bed, rather than the fabric.

yellow fabric

The process

As anticipated, it all came together fairly quickly (which is good because I only started making it a week before the wedding).

I didn’t really struggle with any aspect of the make, and am pleased to have cracked the in-seam pockets again – definitely something I’ll be adding to any pattern without them!

The gathered pane; was also a simple addition that elevates the simple dress into something that looks much more accomplished. Another skill to add to my arsenal.


I cut it a bit fine, but managed to make the dress in time for the wedding (finishing the hem the morning of the wedding wasn’t part of the original plan!), and received the ultimate validation: a compliment from someone who didn’t know I’d made it myself! If I say so myself, the colour was perfect for the conservatory setting, and the style was just right for a more laid back wedding.

Here’s the completed garment, and even a rare shot of me wearing it!



Please ignore the slightly open drawer


4 thoughts on “The yellow pages

  1. Alex says:

    What a great colour! Makes me want to go dig through my stash for some sunshine too! And I can totally relate to sewing hems minutes before leaving for a wedding :). If only I had a pound for every time I pulled one of those :).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Megan Price says:

      Thank you! It’s not my usual style, but I just had the urge to make something bright! Finishing the hem made me feel a bit like I was on the Sewing Bee… not sure what Patrick would make of it!


      • Alex says:

        Don’t worry, all our stuff was rubbish on the inside 😬. But I absolutely don’t miss the pressure! Btw, I’m giving away tickets to GBSB live in Sept if you want to come and say hello or even meet Patrick and Esme. Check out my latest blog post!


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