(Not so) Mellow yellow

This summer, pastels seem to have given way to bold primary colours. Red, green, blue and my personal favourite, yellow are everywhere; bold and unapologetic as they take over the high street. It’s even seeping into the sea of navy and grey in my wardrobe. I first succumbed to a red and white striped top, veering away from the classic breton, and then betrayed muted tones by opting for an orange dress for my brother’s wedding.

The one colour that’s really caught my eye is yellow. While I may or may not have been inspired by Lemonade, there’s no denying that yellow is everywhere, and I thought it would be perfect for a friend’s upcoming wedding at the Barbican conservatory (because if you can’t wear bright colours in a tropical conservatory, where can you?). I’m also a big fan of the trend for frills and ruffles, particularly when paired with a simple silhouette.

Here’s a few pieces that have inspired me:

I’m going to re-use Vogue 9237 (seen in my previous make), and include the gathered panel at the back – I really like this pattern as the front is clean and simple (more my usual style), but has the ‘ruffle’ at the back to keep it feeling fresh and on trend.

I’ve also already bought the fabric. After much searching for a citrusy yellow poplin, I opted for a more golden viscose fabric in the end, as it had a nicer feel, won’t crease as much, and will (hopefully) be easier to handle when it comes to the gathers.


With the wedding less than two weeks away, I’d better get cracking…


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