Cake for breakfast

Typically, every time I offer to bake for work or a cake sale I leave it to the very last minute, resulting in a midnight-cake-icing-session. For my friend’s recent summer fete, I took it a step further and made cupcakes after a 7am wake up call; three hours before they were due on the stand.

Fortunately, I found a super easy carrot cupcake recipe that was easy to throw together bleary-eyed and, with a few little twists, was able to serve up something that looked relatively impressive.


The recipe is a solid carrot cake: moist, spiced and surprisingly light. A regular carrot cake would probably be more dense and, well, carrotty, but these cupcakes were less dense ā€“ probably more suitable for individual cakes.

To upgrade an otherwise everyday cake, I decided to use squares of baking paper instead of the regular spotty cupcake cases, and added ground pistachios to decorate ā€“ simple but effective!

After the success of the first batch, I made a second for work ā€“ all 18 had disappeared from the kitchen before I’d returned to my desk to email the team. A pretty successful bake, I’d say!


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