Summer in the city

Summer has well and truly arrived in London this week, bringing with it topical humidity levels, uncomfortable commutes to work and an identity crisis over how much I should make the most of the weather, or hide away in an air conditioned space.

I’ve mentioned (a few times) before that I struggle to find summer clothes on the high street, and knowing what to wear to work in a heatwave adds a new level of complexity. While my love for the midi skirt endures, I’ve recently been drawn to more casual looser dresses that look good but require absolutely no thought or effort getting dressed.

While on holiday in the south of France last year, I picked up some gorgeous navy linen (of course) from a little shop in my hotel (shout out to Chateau d’Uzer). I haven’t known what to do with it until this week, when I realised a sleeveless swing dress would be perfect. Here’s some of my inspiration:

I’m desperate to get started, and thankfully John Lewis stock Vogue 9237, a perfectly simple swing dress with the option for extra ruffles at the back. It’s apparently ‘tres facile’ so hopefully won’t take too long to put together. If it goes well, I’m also thinking of making a bright yellow version (with the back detail) for a friend’s wedding in August.

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