Going bananas

Bananas are hands-down my favourite fruit, so whenever I go on a (usually short-lived) health kick, I always make sure to pick up a bunch to take to work for a mid-morning snack. This happened last weekend, when the two-day heat wave and the thought of baring more than just my face and hands in public made me reconsider my dietary choices.

Of course, the increasingly ripe bananas stayed on my kitchen table all week as I absent-mindedly left for work each morning without my planned snacks. The upside to hungry mornings at my desk are these chocolate and banana muffins.

I had promised to take some banana bread to a friend’s house for brunch, but realised the night before (on the way home from the pub) that I had neither a loaf tin nor enough butter to make my usual recipe, and only plan flour so scoured the internet for an alternative solution. Thankfully, Nigella‘s muffin recipe saved me, as it calls for vegetable oil instead of butter and plain rather than self-raising flour. Phew – no need for an early morning dash to the supermarket!

I want to say that the recipe was straightforward, but I did manage to leave out the sugar from the first batch (it was at this point I remembered just how many glasses of wine I’d had at the pub the night before and acknowledged that my headache was in fact a hangover). Thankfully, a speedy second batch (with all ingredients present and correct) turned out perfectly. All you need to do is combine the wet ingredients and the sugar with a blender, and then add the flour, cocoa powder and bicarbinate of soda. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes and you’ve got yourself some delicious breakfast treats!


This recipe is perfect for breakfast, as the muffins aren’t too sweet and the texture is somehow both moist and light (a rare occurrence for banana bread – which I often find ends up being quite stodgy). The next time I make them, I think I’ll add a tiny amount of vanilla extract to make it just a little sweeter, and more of a tea-time treat than a breakfast item. Saying that, they were spot-on for my Good Friday brunch and will definitely all be gone by Easter Sunday.


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