Reliable sauce

As a Londoner, it goes without saying that brunch is my favourite meal.  Lazy afternoons catching up with friends, eating great food and drinking prosecco-based cockails; it really doesn’t get much better than that.

I love the classic Eggs Benedict. It’s simple and unadventurous, but the combination of flavours and the tangy hollandaise sauce always does the trick.

When cooking at home, I’ve always resorted to ready-made hollandaise sauces, which vary from bland to overly-salty, so when I made brunch a few weeks ago for Mother’s Day I thought I should make the real deal.

As usual, I resorted to Jamie Oliver for a basic recipe. The recipe was easy to follow, and the sauce tasted great. I would only suggest going easy on the white wine vinegar and lemon juice – I ended up adding a little more butter to overcome the sharpness.

My other key tip would be to make the sauce first and make sure you keep the heat really low to avoid the sauce splitting (a makeshift bain-marie is also essential). This also means you don’t have to rush or stress about the sauce and poached eggs being ready at the same time.

Now I’ve got the technique sorted, I’ll definitely make the sauce again. It’s actually pretty simple but looks impressive – and tastes delicious!


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