Grey days

I recently discovered that Simplicity offer a pattern of the week – discounted at half price! I snapped up pattern 8265 with the intention of mastering a basic tunic that I could create it over and over again. Here’s how I got on.

The pattern

The pattern really was super easy, with just front, back, sleeves and neckline binding pieces to sew together. The neckline – which I always seem to have problems with – was the only slightly confusing part, as you’re supposed to tuck a folded edge under a raw edge. Somehow, it worked!

The fabric

After much deliberation, I opted for Sew Over It’s charcoal grey wool-mix jersey. The quality of the fabric is lovely, and I really hope it will last well. It was easy to sew with, too. It had a little stretch, but I just made sure to use a lot of pins and stitched everything really slowly, to avoid any rogue stretching.

The only downside to the fabric is that in some lights it looks a bit brown, and brown really isn’t one of my favourite colours – in fact, I own no brown clothes at all. I’ll be careful to wear it with colours that make it look more grey.

tunic material

The process

This tunic was really one the easiest things I’ve ever made, so talking about the ‘process’ seems a little redundant. The steps were easy to follow, and with no darts, fastenings or edging to worry about, it all came together very quickly.

The sleeves caused me a bit of trouble as I originally sewed the ease-stitching too far inside the seam allowance, which meant I compensated by sewing the sleeve too far in. When I realised what I’d done, I unpicked the sleeve, and re-did the ease stitching much closer to the top of the sleeve, which provided a much better curve.

I only made one slight amendment, which was to sew the side seams all the way down to the hemline, as I plan on wearing the tunic with leggings, and didn’t fancy a long slit up the sides. Being conservative with my measurements paid off, as it means the tunic still fits over my hips.

I’ve been wanting to make something like this for ages – a basic staple that tested my accuracy, and is something that I can recreate using different fabrics. I’m already thinking about more more light-weight jerseys for summer, and, of course, a stripey version. For this one, I plan to wear it on off-duty days with leggings, trainers and simple gold jewellery – a perfectly understated weekend look.


Probably could have done with a press…


100% perfect sleeve seams


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