Flat out

Welcome to the first food post on Needle and Bread! Seeing as it’s part of the blog’s name, I thought I should kick things off with a simple bread recipe. Inexplicably and inexcusably, I’ve never made bread so wanted to find something easy to avoid spending hours on something that had a high risk of being a disappointment.

Friends  have made flatbreads before, so I thought that would be a good place to start, and thankfully Jamie Oliver has a super easy recipe on his website (it even seems to come from a kid’s book – so I knew it would be fail safe).

The breads themselves only have three ingredients – equal parts self-raising flour and natural yoghurt, with a teaspoon of baking powder – which you combine in a bowl and ‘knead’ to bring it all together, divide into smaller pieces and roll out to size, making scores on one side.

Next, you make the garlic butter by melting butter with crushed garlic (what else?!) and adding some chopped herbs for colour.  The recipe suggests parsley, tarragon, basil or dill, but I went with coriander because I’ll take any excuse to add it to a dish. I would also definitely recommend using a garlic crusher rather than chopping it, as it helps the garlic to infuse in the butter much more.

The flatbreads are cooked on an unoiled griddlepan and take only minutes to cook. Once cooked, you just brush the butter onto the scored side and serve!

The first time I made this I served them alongside a delicious lamb meatball tagine, and today I’m serving it with some spicy marinated chicken and salad. To be honest I think they would go with anything. Middle eastern dishes obviously work well with flatbreads, but I think you could have these breads with pasta, soup or as part of an antipasti board. Which basically means I’m looking for any excuse to make them again!


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