Feeling blue

I’m somewhat neglected my sewing machine over the last few weeks. Work has been busy and I’ve upped my exercise regime (which was at 0 at the beginning of the year) so I just haven’t found the time. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about sewing or planning new makes though. Here are a couple of planned projects that I will report on in the near future…

Last summer, blue shirting fabric seemed to be everywhere, and judging by the new collections on the high street, it’s showing no signs of going anyway any time soon. As well as actual shirts, all kinds of tops and dresses have been made from this fabric. To jump on this trend, I have two projects in mind.

The first is a simple long-sleeved top, using a light striped fabric I picked up from Misan West on Goldhawk Road. To add more interest to the top, I’m going to make the sleeves quite wide (another trend that seems to have taken over) and possibly edge them in a different fabric. I think it will be the perfect top for work in spring – with either blue or black skinny jeans.

Here are some of the tops that have inspired me:


Marks and Spencer | Warehouse | Warehouse

My second project is a little more ambitious. I recently bought a light blue men’s shirt for a fancy dress party (I was Mr G from Summer Heights High, in case you were wondering). I can say with some confidence that I’ll never want to wear the shirt again, so plan to turn this into a high-necked (?) camisole for summer. It’s a bit daunting as I’ve never really created something from scratch before, but I think it will help me to really think about the construction, rather than just blindly following instructions.

This is the top that’s inspired me:




My hand-sewing skills are average at best, so I think I’ll leave off the embroidery. If I do decide to add something to the top I think I’ll add some sew-on patches like these.

The first top is already under way, so will hopefully report back very soon!


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