Simplicity pattern of the week

It’s only February and I’m already taking a D-tour from my 2017 sewing plans. One my of many daily scrolls through Instagram lead me to find that Simplicity have a pattern of the week, discounted to just £2.95!

This week was pattern 8265: a 5-in-1 combination of trousers, a skirt, a waistcoat, a jacket and a tunic top. As winter trudges on, I’m seeking out comfy and cosy clothes in muted tones, so the tunic really called out to me, but I think the other patterns will have their uses too (I’m thinking about a spring jacket and the trousers will be a good stepping stone to making a more fitted pair).


My first ever post  on this blog was on a grey sweatshirt tunic. I was really happy with it at the time, but I now think it looks very homemade and want to make something similar, but finished with a little more finesse. I’m torn between these fabrics:

I’m really drawn to the first fabric – I’ve sewn with ponte roma before and think it will give me the slightly snuggly feel I’m looking for. The jersey from Sew Over It looks great too. The description says its perfect for summer, but I think some with some layering it could be warm enough for winter as well. Their wool-mix jersey would also work nicely. It’s a little more expensive but would probably be thicker and warmer.

Basically, I can’t decide. You’ll have to find out which fabric I chose for when I’ve actually finished it! See you on the other side.

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