Mint green mini

This winter, a (faux) leather a-line skirt and a grey wool mini skirt have become staple items in my wardrobe, particularly for work. I love wearing them with roll-necks and more casual sweatshirts, but feel I need to inject a bit more colour into my wardrobe (because a pastel pink dungaree dress just isn’t enough) so plan to make one of my own.

I’ve been really pleased with my last few makes, but they’ve all been pretty loose-fitting. This year, I want to improve my skills and accuracy, and create more well-made and well-fitting pieces, and this skirt will be a good test.

Just before I started this blog, I made a plaid mini skirt using a Simplicity pattern, but I got the sizing a bit wrong and the skirt is a little on the big side. In the spirit of perfecting each pattern, I’m going to use it again for this skirt. To improve the fit, I think I’ll need to adjust the darts. I hate deviating from the pattern (I worry I’ll throw everything off and render the garment unwearable),  but I know that’s the secret to creating well-fitting clothes so will just have to suck it up.

On my last trip to Goldhawk Road, I picked up about half a meter of this fabric, for just £3!


Typically, I’m not entirely sure what the fabric is. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of wool (boiled wool, perhaps?), and it feels like a smooth felt. I imagine it should be used for making coats. It doesn’t seem to fray (always good news) and feels thick enough to give the skirt structure, without being too bulky for my machine.

I knew I wanted to use the fabric for a skirt, but couldn’t quite picture how it would look, and what I would wear it with. A quick search on pinterest threw up a few great suggestions (among a sea of hideous turquoise skirts):


The temperature in London over the last week has dropped significantly. It doesn’t usually get that cold here but this week it’s been so chilly that I’ve even been wearing two pairs of tights. It might seem like a strange time to be making a mini skirt but, hey, I can always wear three pairs of tights, right?

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