Sewing Cleo

Ever since the pattern was launched last year, I’ve been dying to make a Cleo dungaree dress. Instagram has been awash with classic and more experimental versions (the sequins are most definitely my favourite), with the hashtag #sewingcleo currently on 789 posts, and I want in on the action.

Dungarees have been back in fashion for a little while now, with both smart denim and more laid-back options available. Here’s some of my inspiration for making the dungarees:


I really love the pink denim Tilly uses in her instruction book… and made my love so obvious that my mum bought me the pack for Christmas. I usually avoid wearing pink as I find it can look a bit silly with my blonde hair, but ever since pastel pink coats were in fashion a few years ago, I’ve become obsessed with the idea of pairing the colour with tougher blacks and greys, and I think the slightly slouchy feel will stop it from feeling too pretty.

I was able to whip the dress up over the Christmas break, so will share my results soon!

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