Now that I’ve blogged my final make of 2016, I feel I can finally say Happy New Year! (It’s still ok to say that 11 days in, right?)

I’ve been looking back at the garments I made last year, and I must say I’m feeling quite proud of myself. None of the items I made are particularly show-stopping, but I’m pleased that I’ve continued to sew consistently (if slowly) throughout the year, and I think you can see a real progression in the things I’ve sewn.

So I’m feeling really positive about my plans for 2017. As ever, I want to dedicate more time to sewing and work on improving and learning new techniques. I want to stick with easier fabrics (cottons and jerseys, mostly) and really strengthen my skills before moving on to trickier items. Here are some of the garments I’m hoping to make in the coming year.


  1. Cleo dungarees – My instagram feed has been full of amazing Cleo dungaree dresses over the last few months and I’ve been itching to make one for myself. The time is nigh.
  2. Shirt top – Blue and white striped shirting fabric seems to have been everywhere lately – from summer dresses and off-the-shoulder tops, to this blouse from Warehouse. I much prefer round necks to shirts, but love this type of fabric, so recreating this top would be perfect. It will also force me to improve my sleeve-sewing-skills, which can only be a good thing.
  3. White blouse – I tried this top (top right) on in a small boutique shop in France last year, but the fit wasn’t quite right. But I love the simplicity of this top and want to create something similar for this summer. Similar to the shirt top, this will force me to be neat and precise.
  4. Proper trousers – i.e. not with an elasticated waist. When one of my friends started sewing a few years ago, the first thing she made was a pair of trousers, so I think it’s high time I game them a go too. Fit will be essential here, which is not something I’ve had to worry about too much before. Fabric choice will be important too.
  5. Casual top – I’m obsessed with grey t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes – I’m wearing a baggy grey high-necked t-shirt as I type. If I manage to crack this, there’ll be no stopping me.
  6. Pleated midi skirt – A pleated midi skirt was one of the first things I ever tried to make, and, unsurprisingly, it did not go well. Now I’ve upped my game I want to give it another go, as I live in midi skirts in the summer.
  7. Casual midi dress – Again, I live for simple midi dresses in the summer, so want to try to create one of my own. The Lottie pattern pack I used here and here also contains a draw-string-waited midi dress so I just need to find some fabric for this one.
  8. Coco dress – because you can’t have enough stripes. No more to be said on the matter.
  9. Mini a-line skirt – back at the end of in 2015 I made a plaid mini skirt which at the time I was over the moon with. I’ve since come to realise that it doesn’t really fit all that well, so want to give the pattern another go.

The thought of making 9 items feels a little daunting at the moment, but I have picked up the pace lately (or, more accurately, the obsession has finally taken over) so it should be manageable.

I’ve actually managed to get a sneaky head-start on my first make of 2017 (the Cleo dungaree dress) as I was lucky enough to find the sewing kit for it in my stocking on Christmas morning! I got started on boxing day, and finished last weekend. I’ll blog my review soon!


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