Sewing plans

I know it’s a cliche, but this summer really has flown by. September crept up on me, bringing with it a slight chill to otherwise sunny days, and it’s now somehow the end of November. My plans to create endless floaty summer skirts were never quite realised, but I have managed to pick up some amazing fabrics over the last few months that I’m hoping will rekindle my love affair with dressmaking.

First up are these amazing linens I bought while on holiday in the south of France. The pink is from a shop called Blanc Casse in Uzès, which I was initially drawn to because it offered hamam towels in every colour imaginable at a fairly reasonable price (I bought one – my friend bought 3!). I bought the navy linen from the shop at the hotel we stayed at in Uzer (confusingly, a completely different place to Uzès). I plan on making a large-ish shopping bag (along the lines of this one) using both fabrics, but will probably need to source some strong canvas to line it.


The next fabric was a bit of an impulse I-need-to-kick-start-my-sewing purchase. A classic striped jersey. I’m going to make a really simple dress with this, using Christine Hayes’ Lottie Dress.  I own far too many stripey tops/dresses already, but I know that this is something I’ll wear over and over in autumn and winter.


Last up is this pretty grey and pink polka dot fabric that I bought from the Fabric Godmother’s stand at Kirstie’s Homemade Fair last week. It’s a little more girly than my usual style, so I think I might make another Lottie dress with this fabric. I’m hoping the simple shape will also mean I could wear the dress with tights in the winter – without looking too much like floaty a summer dress.


I did have another fabric to share with you… but I’d already sewn it into a pair of culottes before I managed to get this post together! I used the same pattern as the striped trousers. Thinking I knew exactly what I was doing, I sewed up both leg seams before realising the instructions called for a different approach. Thankfully Tilly and the Button’s book Love at First Stitch saved me – I used her pyjama trouser instructions to figure out how to join the sewn-up legs together.


I wish I’d made these earlier in the summer (by which I mean, actually in summer, and not in autumn), as I would have worn them to death! They’d be perfect for work on a warm day. I think they’ll look great with heels so I’m hoping the’ll get some wear as we head into winter.

Up next: The striped Lottie dress I mentioned earlier!

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