Striped trousers

These trousers have been a long time coming. Back in April(!) I decided to make some striped wide-leg trousers for spring/summer. Well, it’s definitely now summer and I have finally finished them! Embarrassingly, the trousers were super easy to make, and took a grand total of 3 hours to make. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you actually set aside some dedicated time for sewing.

The pattern

After much deliberation, I opted for Simplicity Easy to Sew Womens’ Skirts Sewing Pattern, 1663, as I thought the elasticated waistband would help with the fit – and it did! I don’t know why I haven’t made anything with an eaticated waistband before. So so easy. The instructions were really simple to follow that I don’t really know what else to say other than that I absolutely recommend this pattern! In fact, I’ve already encouraged a friend to make the maxi skirt in this pattern.

The fabric

Choosing the fabric caused me even more trouble than finding the pattern. After buying metres and metres of different types of striped fabric and deciding that they were all wrong, I discovered this, aptly named, Gin and Tonic fabric from Croft Mill. It’s not the most lightweight fabric for summer, but it gives the trousers a nice structure and was great to sew with.

The process

The pattern was so easy to follow – I just followed all the steps and ended up with a pair of trousers! Do I really need to say anymore? Ok then…

The process was slightly different to the pyjamas I made previously – you sew the inside leg seams first, then the crotch (with the two back pieces facing each other and the two front pieces together) – which took a while for me to get my head around.

Then you sew up the outside leg seams, create the casing for the elastic and hem the bottom of the legs. I decided to make my trousers cropped (or ‘awkward length’, as Topshop seems to call it) so enlisted the help of a friend to pin them in place to avoid chopping off too much material (and up with shorts).

The finished item

I’m so pleased with these trousers. I must admit before I started I was fearful about a) making trousers and b) using a stripey material, but they were so easy to make (I really can’t stress that enough) and I love the stripes!



It was definitely worth starting this project, even if it did take some time to complete. Both the patterns I’ve used have been much easier than I was expecting, and I’m really quite surprised that both the stripey trousers and the pyjamas are genuinely wearable. It’s just a shame that the weather forecast for this week is rain everyday! I’ll have to wait until I head to the south of France to show these off.

Speaking of which, my next post will be on inspiration for some simple summer skirts. Stay tuned!

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