Simple summer skirt

Although the weather in London has taken a somewhat damp turn, I’ve recently booked a last-minute holiday to the south of France, which I am hoping will be much more sunny.

I always seem to be lacking and struggle to find simple skirts that aren’t too short or flimsy, so have decided to make some of my own for this trip, and hopefully the rest of the summer in the UK!

Unlike my previous posts, I have just one source of inspiration: COS, obviously. I love the look of their skirt with shirt hem. As with most of the clothes at COS, it just has a little twist to make a simple item much more interesting.


COS Skirt with shirt hem

This post will be short and sweet – I already have the pattern as the one I used for the striped trousers also has a simple mini skirt, and I bought some blue chambray fabric this weekend, too.


I go on holiday in a few weeks so I really hope there won’t be another month in between posts – I’ll be really disappointed in myself if that’s the case. See you in *hopefully* a week!

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